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Letter of Support to Southern Lawmakers

Please copy and paste the following letter into your email and send to the lawmakers below.

Dear (elected official):

As a Catholic, I applaud your commitment to represent all your constituents and thank you for your commitment to women’s reproductive choice and health.

I am also appalled by the recent action taken by your bishop to deny you communion based on your prochoice views. I hope that your faith will sustain you as you pursue the duties of your public office.

Happily, only a small minority of the bishops have taken such drastic action. Research conducted by Catholic For a Free Choice confirms that over 130 US bishops would not deny communion to lawmakers . It is unfortunate that you worship in a diocese whose leader is outside the mainstream.

And you are not alone. According to a recent poll , the majority of Catholics do not consider it appropriate for a bishop to use communion as a means to gain obedience. Most of us, in fact, consider it an abuse of power.

The Catholic majority also agrees with the mainstream church position that Catholic policymakers such as yourself have the freedom to follow their individual conscience—even when it disagrees with church teaching—when voting on specific legislative measures.

These freedoms are a cornerstone of our democracy.

Please take comfort in the fact that the majority of Catholics consider themselves prochoice and that the majority of bishops have been reluctant to stand between you, your faith and the execution of your Constitutional legislative duties.

Yours truly,



1. US Diocesan research, Summer 2004 (

2. The Catholic Voter in Summer 2004, Belden Russonello & Stewart,

Please send your letters to the following lawmakers

Sen. W. Greg Ryberg
South Carolina Senate
203 Gressette Building
Columbia, SC 29202
Phone: (803) 212-6400

Rep. James Merrill
South Carolina House of Representatives
308 A Blatt Building
Columbia, SC 29211
Phone: (803) 734-2937

Rep. Pedro Marin
Georgia General Assembly
Suite 611
Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 656-0314

Rep. Pat Dooley
Georgia General Assembly
Suite 601
Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 656-0254

Sen. Mary Squires
Georgia General Assembly
Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 463-1378

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