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Catholics for a Free Choice

Catholics for a Free Choice works in partnership with reproductive health, interfaith and Catholic church reform groups that share our commitment to safe, legal reproductive health care and women's equality.

CFFC's program in the United States includes:

  • A constituency-building program that educates, mobilizes, and provides technical assistance to targeted constituencies to encourage their participation in the public policy debate over sexuality, reproductive health and democratic values. These constituencies include our own grassroots activists and spokespeople throughout the United States.
  • A high visibility education and communications program that includes researching, developing, producing and distributing a wide range of thoughtful publications and other educational materials on reproductive health, population, ethics, and other topics, and communications activities that involve electronic and print media exposure, polls, public speaking, seminars, and conferences.
  • In-depth policy analysis that provides policymakers with the data and educational materials necessary to make informed decisions and to articulate ethically sound positions on family planning, reproductive health, and international population policy.

Catholics for a Free Choice is an active member of both Catholic Organizations for Renewal (COR) and the Women Church Convergence (WCC), the two leading platforms for reform in the Catholic Church in the United States. CFFC is also a member of the International We Are Church Movement, which unites reform-minded Catholic throughout the world.

CFFC In Action

CFFC is active all over the United States on a wide range of local and national issues that affect our choices in reproductive health.

On this website you can learn about our Catholics for Contraception project - a public education campaign aimed at countering the actions of the Catholic hierarchy in shaping family planning public policies both at home and abroad. You too can join over a thousand Catholics who are active in this campaign.

CFFC has been tracking the effects of mergers between Catholic and non-Catholic hospitals on reproductive health services at a local level since the early 1980s. The high-quality research and analysis has received much praise and proved a valuable tool for communities facing similar consolidations, as well as for policy makers and hospital administrators.

CFFC's network of prochoice Catholic leaders monitors the bishops, participates in prochoice coalitions and speaks out in the media and in community forums. From places like Vermont and California, prochoice Catholics speak up for reproductive rights.

We are in clinics. The abortion decision is serious and difficult. CFFC helps women make sound decisions through respected publications addressing Catholic doctrine and the moral and ethical issues involved in the abortion decision.

We are in libraries, where our quarterly newsjournal, Conscience, is only one of an extensive collection of CFFC publications that provide diverse constituencies with information and analysis from a prochoice Catholic point of view.

We are in congressional and legislative offices, where CFFC provides lawmakers with information necessary to make sensible public policy decisions and to articulate ethically sound positions on a wide range of reproductive health issues.

We are in coalitions. From Catholic to feminist groups, and from Hispanic to prochoice organizations, CFFC works together with diverse constituencies to secure real choices for women.

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